Sports and Activities

Karate Club

Many children now come to our morning karate club. It is led by John Hurley of Higashi Karate Kai. (John also teaches our children karate in PE lessons.) In the morning club, children can work towards ‘gradings’ for different belts. Here you can see Annika and Filip accepting their red and white belts.

Boccia tournament

In February, Three Year 5 and 6 children represented Someries Juniors at a Boccia tournament at the Inspire sports centre. Boccia is a seated bowling game. Despite not having played this sport competitively before, our team performed very well. They beat a number of their opponents in an event that brought together teams from schools all over town.

Athletes of the half term

We often celebrate the involvement of our children in teams and events. This year, we also want to celebrate the sporting achievements of our children who work well in PE and sports clubs on a regular basis. Mr Osborne, our sports leader, introduced the award of Athlete of the Half Term and these are the first award winners.

Year 6

Abdul 6A – a great performance at the tag rugby tournament in his first time playing in it, great attitude and sportsmanship at the tournament, great effort levels and behaviour in PE, great attitude in after school football.

Jasmine 6A – one of the only girls at the rugby tournament, performed well at rugby, good attitude and behaviour in all PE lessons.

Year 5

Ike 5P – incredible performance at tag rugby, scorer of try of the tournament, picked up rules of rugby very quickly, great effort and behaviour in PE lessons.

Kristija 5H – always gives 100% in PE lessons, great score in running tests, picked up the rules of rugby really well.

Abigail 5P – another one who tries in every PE lesson, great score and determination in running fitness tests, performed well in rugby lessons, great attitude in after school football club.

Year 4

Evelina 4O – gives 100% every PE lesson, impressive score during the running tests, great attitude in after school dodgeball, works well throughout lessons and clubs.

George 4A – behaves well in both PE and after school clubs, always gives 100%, always a top performer, seen helping younger children many times.

Year 3

Anika 3L – picked up the basic skills of netball very quickly, behaves and performs very well in PE, tries her best in all aspects of PE lessons, gained an incredible score in the running test.

 Jordi 3D – demonstrates a positive attitude in PE lessons and clubs, picked up the skills to dodgeball really well and shows it by being one of the top performers in the club.

Basketball Tournament

A group of our Year 5 children took part in a 3-on-3 basketball tournament at Luton Sixth Form College. One of our two teams competed in the Year 6 tournament (!) and both teams enjoyed success as you can read from their report here:

Tuesday 27th November 2018

On this very special day Danny, Jayden, Ronnie, Ike, Abigail and Lexxie were all going to a basketball tournament to represent the school.

Danny, Ike and Abigail were called Someries Whites; they were in the Year 6 group. Jayden, Danny and Lexxie were in the Year 5 group and were called Someries Reds. Triumphantly they won their group and Someries Whites came third in their group.

We couldn’t have done it without Mr Giokabari and Aaron because they helped us to concentrate and play our game. As soon as we finished our lunch, we got our stuff and went up to the huts. As we still had time left, we played some basketball and we were warming up for the tournament. At 12:30, we left the school and the minibus took us to Sixth Form College.

As soon as possible, we got a ball and went into the sports hall to do some warming up. Mr G showed us how to warm up at the same time and different ways to warm up. Then we did running to get the ball and passing it back to Mr G.

Finally, we started to play 3 vs 3 against each other moving the ball fast, marking someone, dribbling and moving into space.

Then we played some matches. Someries Reds won their first match 2 – 0 against Stockwood. Someries Whites then went on to win 6 – 0 against Downside Purples. Someries Reds won most of their games only drawing one. Someries Whites won two and lost two against the top teams in Year 6 (who were giants). We played a friendly on a bigger sized pitch with all of us on, winning 2 – 0.

Finally, the day finished and we went home to relax!

Danny M – 5 Hercules

Foggy Football

Some of our top footballers headed off for a tournament at PlayFootball Luton on a foggy day to play against other schools. Here is the captain’s report:

On Thursday 22nd November 2018, Someries Junior School took part in the EFL schools 6-a-side tournament. The squad selected was Harrison B (Captain), Jayden O’D, Danny M, Jake B, Lexie O’D, Matthew W, Abdulrahim F and Rafaelis L.

Someries played 5 group games, winning 3, drawing 1 and losing 1. The loss came to St Joseph’s who then went on to win the tournament.

Someries then lost to Sacred Hart 2 – 1 in the knock out stages of the plate tournament.

Everyone played very well and contributed their part in the team.

Meanwhile, back at school more of our football squad took part in a game against local rivals Putteridge, narrowly losing 1-0 in a closely fought game.

Town Wide Cross Country Meeting

On 2 October, our cross country runners from Year 5 and Year 6 took part in a big cross country race in Lewsey Park. There were over a hundred runners in both the girls’ and boys’ races. Our children competed well and Lauren finished 8th out of all those girls. We were very proud of the positive attitudes shown by our runners.

Dodgeball Tournament at Inspire – 31 October

Eight Year 5 and 6 children took part in a big festival of dodgeball with lots of other school teams. They came home with aching legs after a very active day in which they played thirteen games of dodgeball! They were proud of the fact that they won eight of these games against other schools.

Karate Club

Despite being the smallest junior school in town we still offer our children a wide range of extra activities that they can join in outside of lessons. We have lunchtime sporting activities and as many as eleven different after-school clubs. We also have one before-school club: Karate.

Karate club is led by John Hurley, who also runs karate as part of each year group’s PE lessons. These lessons give the children a good workout for their muscles and after a half term of karate lessons they seem much fitter and stronger! At the morning club, it has been good to see some of the more experienced members - Katie, Olivia and Jayden – helping the others with their routines, as you can see in these pictures:

Tag Rugby Tournament

Tag-rugby is one of the sports that our children learn in PE and we also have a lunchtime rugby club. Our rugby team of players from Years 5 and 6 took part in a local tag-rugby tournament at Stockwood Rugby Club on 11 October. We were very proud of their performances which saw them achieve fourth place out of 32 schools!

Football report: Someries 1 – 1 Warden Hill

On Wednesday 17th October 2018, Someries hosted Warden Hill in a Year 5 and Year 6 match.

The two teams started the game very well, with both keepers making early saves. Someries’ passing enabled them to take control of the game and they took a deserved lead through Jake. The move started from a great ball from Harrison to Jake, which Jake calmly finished into the bottom corner of the goal, giving us a 1 – 0 narrow lead at half-time, which was largely down to some excellent defensive work from Matthew and Danny.

The second half started with Someries on the front foot with the Warden Hill keeper making some excellent saves from Lexie, Raf and Jayden.

Warden Hill then got a breakaway goal through their best player and captain.

Harrison then made two excellent saves to keep the score level. Someries pushed for a deserved winner but Warden Hill held firm to secure a draw at the final whistle.

All of the 10 Someries players were a credit to both themselves and the school in their performance, attitude, behaviour and togetherness.

By Harrison – 6 Pegasus, Team Captain

Someries football team takes to the field for the new season

Our sports leader, Mr Osborne, has arranged a large amount of team fixtures and sporting events for our children to attend during the course of the school year. The first of these, on 17 September, was the opening game of the season for our football team. The game was at home against a powerful team from Hillborough Juniors. Both teams played well, tackling strongly and creating chances. However, the game was decided by a lone own goal when the ball bounced off the shin of a Someries defender and into the net. It was a promising first performance from our team.

Here are some sports highlights from 2017-18

Sports Day

National Sports Week 25-29 June 2018

Here at Someries we think that keeping fit and healthy is really important.  We have participated in National Schools Sports Week.  We began the week with an assembly delivered by an ex-international basketball player, Dru Spinks.  Dru is a local man who represented  England on 27 occasions.   

During the week, children experienced ‘taster’ sessions of dance, boxing and skipping with professional coaches.  As well as the taster sessions and PE lessons,  all children have walked or run a Someries Mile each day – the big “S-Mile”. This was tough in the heat but the children were all up for the challenge. There will also be some house sport competitions.

It has been an amazing week and the children have enjoyed themselves, realised the importance of keeping fit and healthy, and experienced something new.

We are hoping that friends and family will sponsor children for the daily S-Miles that they have completed.  We are hoping to use this to raise money for the children’s School Council playground equipment fund.  .  If you would like to ‘sponsor’ your child in this way you can make a donation at  our crowdfunding page Please share the link! 

Sports Week - Award Winners and Trim Trail Opening

Each teacher nominated some children from their class for the Sports Week Awards. Children earned their award for their performances or for the values that they showed in the sports activities. Their reward was to officially open our new all-weather trim trail and be the first ones to try it out. Well done award winners!

Sports Week - Skipping

World record holder Peter Denis of Skipbeatz took each class for a session of intensive skipping. Each child developed their skills and was encouraged to keep improving their 'spm' - skips per minute.

Sports Week - Dance

A dancer instructor from local Next Generation Youth Theatre's dance team took the children through some moves in the hall. Each group worked on a routine together. (You can find out more about NGYT Dance at their website:

We received this nice mail from Lauren, one of the NGYT instructors:

Dear Mr Osborne, Mr Hunt and all of the staff at Someries Junior School, 

It was so wonderful to meet you all yesterday and all of the students who took part in the dance sessions for Sports Week. 

Sophie and I thoroughly enjoyed teaching all of the year groups and I was so impressed by the talent, enthusiasm, theatricality and creativity that they all shared with us and each other. It was fantastic to see so many smiling happy faces which were so infectious, I had the best day and I hope they did too!

The students are so lucky to have such a lovely school (I know I am biased as I attended until 2001) and a head teacher and staff who are supportive of the arts and creative enrichment and give them so many opportunities.

Best wishes,  Lauren

Sports Week - Boxercise

On Tuesday, a boxer came to teach the children some moves used in the ring.  He got the children warmed up and then showed them several coordinated moves. The workout was quite intense and required agility and good timing.

Sports Week - The Big Daily S-Mile

Each day this week, our children have been completing the S-Mile. Some children run the six laps of the field whilst others chose to jog or walk the mile -  a wise choice in the heat and sun! We have been impressed with the children's enthusiasm despite the hot weather

Sports Week - Cycling Skills

Luton Borough Council’s Cycle Training Team are training our Year 6 pupils. Cycling is an important life skill and the children are learning cycling control skills, and being taught about the importance of maintaining a bike. Luton Borough Council have provided the bikes for the children to use.

Sports Week - Dru Spinks, England International

To mark the start of National Sports Week, we heard from Dru Spinks, a top flight basketball player. Dru captains his top British Basketball League team, Milton Keynes Lions, for seven years and played many times for England. He showed us clips of him scoring in the BBL Cup final and spoke to us about the skills required to do well in sport. As well as speed and good reflexes, Dru said that he needed determination, cooperation and resilience to be a top sportsperson - the same skills that the children need to show to do well in school. 

Dru ran some coaching sessions for Years 5 and 4 on our playground. Years 3 and 6 will learn their basketball skills on Thursday.

Zone Sports

On 12 June 2018, a team of athletes from Someries Junior School went to take part in the Eastern Zone athletics tournament. The children enjoyed taking part at the big event at Ashcroft High School and we were pleased with the positive attitudes they displayed. We were also proud to see that about a third of the team won through to the town-wide finals.

Our 'Smooga' football arena is installed:

House Sports Competition

Sports Relief shootouts

Big S-mile: keeping fit, having fun and raising over £1,500!

Football at dusk in November

Tabletennis tournament November 2017

Football against Bushmead October 2017