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2019 Pupil Survey

In June, all the children took part in a pupil survey and had a chance to let Mr Hunt and the governors know how they felt about their school. Here are the responses:


Key to responses (this varied according to the statement but was usually one of the following):








Strongly agree


Neither agree nor disagree


Strongly disagree


All the time

Most of the time

Some of the time

Almost never


There were four additional questions:

Q12. What makes you feel unsafe at school?         Q19. What do you like about the school?    Q20. What would you like to be improved at the school?

We were pleased to see that, on the whole, the pupils were positive about their Someries experience. They also gave us feedback on what they thought could be improved and Mr Hunt will be working with the school council this year to see how some of these changes can be brought about.

When asked what they liked about the school here are some of the positive responses:

“Everything because it's epic.”  “Everything because it's just a good school in general.”     “I love this school!”

“I like that this school has amazing and fresh ideas.”    “Everyone is respectful to each other.”   

“I like everything about this school because it makes me good at lots of things.” “Because you are safe.”

“I like the fact that sometimes you can make fun because everyone will laugh and we have fun.”

“How the staff are so welcoming.”  “I like school because it is a place where I can trust people.”   

“Other students are very nice and helpful.”

“I like that when I am sad I always have someone to talk to.”       “Everyone is really polite and caring.”

    “There's no bullying. Most people are friendly.”          “Learning and feeling safe because I like this school”

“It has lots of multi-cultural backgrounds because otherwise it would be really boring.”

“We have lots of events because we get to do things that you wouldn't have done if you didn't come to this school.”

 “I like how kind the teachers are to you”           “I like that the teachers encourage us in every lesson”

“I also like the playground and that there is lots of room to play.”           “It makes a better version of ourselves.”

Some of the requested improvements we will be making are: having more reading books; having regular TT Rock Stars lessons; installing more fitness equipment so that children can use it to be active more often.