Year 3

Class Teachers from September 2018 are:

Mrs P. Fisher/Mrs K. Ball (3Draco) and Mr. M. Ferry (3Lyra)

Year Group Leader: Mrs P. Fisher

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Homework is set on Mondays and due in the following Monday. This will alternate between a Maths and Literacy task.

Spellings set on Thursdays - to be learnt by the following Thursday.

Reading books should be taken home and returned to school daily and read as often as possible. Please sign Home School contact books at least three times weekly.  Ask them questions about what they have read to help them prepare for their quiz. This will be done to check their understanding of the book.

P.E. Wednesdays (both classes). 3 Lyra - Tuesday; 3 Draco - Friday

Word List for Years 3 and 4 (New English Primary Curriculum 2014)

Snappy Maths - Mental maths programme to help raise your child's attainment

Here are some highlights from Year 3 in 2017-18

Year 3 Music Concert

In July Year 3 put on a performance of their musical skills.  They showed us just how far they had progressed by giving a superb performance.  They were confident and entertained the parents/carers who came to watch them.  The children demonstrated how hard they have worked in their singing and music lessons. 

Year 3 Trip to St Albans

On 21 May, Year 3 headed off for a sunny day in St Albans. Oliver has written a recount:

Firstly, we came to school to get ready to go to St Albans Verulamium to find out about the Romans.

When we got to the coach, we went to the Abbey. Then a person called Alex told us about Roman armour and there was Latin name for them like lorica segmentata, gladius, galea and scutum.

As well they wore wool clothes to protect themselves.

After that we role played how Alban became a saint: Someone called Amphibalus was a Christian. The Romans hated Christianity. The girl was walking around the market telling people about Jesus. A slave went to the magistrate and told him about her, then the magistrate told the guards to look for her. Alban thought Christianity was important. He swapped clothes with her so Alban got executed by the executioner and his eyes popped out and his shrine was cold.

After that Year 3 had lunch outside the Abbey, after everyone went to the toilet. It was busy in there, we had to wait a long time

When we finished we went to the museum. After a long walk across the park, we got there. We watched a film and then we did work sheets, while we looked around after a good few minutes.

Finally, we did a workshop with Matt about Roman shopping. Here are some of the items: a toga, actors’ masks, a thick cloak, an olive oil torch and a milk bottle.

My favourite part about the trip was the Museum. We had fun. We came back and it was 3:20.

The children had a great time and we were very proud when Alex and Matt told Mrs Fisher how impressed they were with the children’s conduct and attitude.

3 Lyra's Class Assembly

3 Draco's Class Assembly

Year 3 had an interesting trip to St. Francis Church

Year 3 Nativity Christmas Play