House Points

Our new house system was launched across the school this term. Our focus for our children is now on earning points to contribute to their houses, rather than for individual totals.

It is has been interesting to see the big increase in house points being earned by the children.

This was the first half term total from last year:

Carnival + Hatters + Monarch + Vauxhall = 1623 

These is the combined total for the first half term of this year:

MarsSaturnJupiter Venus2953 

You can see what a big increase it has been!

Congratulations go to members of Saturn house who won the house championship for this half term and have their ribbon on the new trophy.

Values Role Models

Well done to the pupils who were awarded values role models in January 2019:

15th January:     Aspiration: Victor (3 Draco); Cooperation: Oliver M, Rafaelis  (6Pegasus)

22nd January:   Aspiration: Lily (4 Aquila); Cooperation: Tara-Lilly, Oliver M (3 Draco)

29th January:    Aspiration: Anika (3 Lyra), Filip (4 Aquila); Responsibility : Rohan (6 Andromeda)

Golden Book of Excellence

We are creating a Golden Book of Excellence to showcase our children’s excellent work. If teachers notice a particularly good piece of work, they may send the creator and their work to show Mr Hunt. If he thinks the work is good enough, a photograph of the creator with their work is placed in the golden book. Once we have enough examples, the book will be placed in reception for visitors to see.

Our first entry in the book was from Amany in Year 6 with her stylised portrait. Amany was also nominated for her maths problem solving—including using the properties of isosceles triangles. Danielle in Year 4 won her place in the golden book with a poem about a rainy day that she composed at home. Zaiyannah in Year 4 also earned her place in the book with work completed at home: she brought in a booklet with notes she had written about her learning in maths and geography - and about our new school values. It was for her wonderful formal letter that Year 5’s Kristija earned her place in this book. Taking on the role of a noise pollution officer she wrote a polite, well worded response to a letter of complaint.

Well done to all these pupils for their excellent work!


 2018/19 Pupil Leadership Team

Head Boy - Matthew W

Deputy Head Boy - Corey N

Head Girl - Elakiyah V

Deputy Head Girl - Lauren P




At our Special Assembly at the end of the July 2018 the following awards were presented:

Year 6 Sports Award (2017/18)

Boys: 1st Charlie D, 2nd Frankie B, 3rd Alfie S

Girls: 1st Maya D, 2nd Louisa-Mae M, 3rd Evangeline B

Class Prizes (2017/18)

Class Class Prize Award Growth Mindset Award









Neve D

Zaiyannah N

Kristija C

Ike M

Ella G

Elakiyah V

Rubeen K

Ellis J

Joel S

Finlay H

Bethanie S-G

Olivia C

Raul M

Abdulrahim F

Kiera C

Keenan M