Recent Events

Here are some images from this year's events.

There are also events in our Sports, Fundraising and Year 3, 4, 5 or 6 pages

Celebration Assembly - July 9 - Zoo Trip

In this mini-assembly you can see images of the Year 5 trip to Whipsnade Zoo as well as the final Golden Award winners of the year. Full assembly with s: SJScelebration9July

Celebration Assembly - July 2 - Year 6 activity days at Stubbers

Year 6 children enjoyed two days at Stubbers Adventure World completing a number of challenges. Full assembly with Golden Awards: SJScelebration2July

Celebration Assembly - June 25 - Sports Week and Viking Day 

This week the children took part in Sports Week, completing 5 daily miles at break time and 5 sporting activities. 

Here is the link to the full screen assembly: SJScelebration25June

Celebration Assembly - June 18 - Maths Week, Father's Day sale, River Trip...

A lot happened this week - non-uniform day and Father's Day sale, Maths Week, a river trip and lots of active learning in class.

Here is the link to the full assembly: SJScelebration18June

Celebration Assembly - End of half term review May 28

As well as the latest news such as International Week and our Olympian visitor, this celebration assembly contains highlights of this half term.

Here is the link to the full assembly: SJScelebration28may 

Celebration Assembly - May 14

This week we celebrate our Year 6 football team, Year 3 Music and other news, as well as looking ahead to . There are also the latest awards: SJScelebration14may 

Celebration Assembly - May 7

This week we celebrate sports clubs and reaching for the stars! Link to full assembly: SJScelebration7May  


Celebration Assembly - April 30

This week we celebrate St George's Day, the Year 6 hoodies and lots of clubs. Link to the  full assembly: SJScelebration30apr   

Celebration Assembly - April 23

This week we celebration our maths challenge team and some new clubs. There are also the latest Golden Awards: SJScelebration23AprW

Celebration Assembly - April 16

This mini-assembly has photos of the opening of our new playground exercise apparatus and of School Council and Eco Committee getting down to business: SJScelebration16apr 

End of Spring Term Celebration Assembly - March 26

With the entries from our Easter Egg and Theme Park Ride competitions as well as many other awards and photos, here is the final celebration assembly of term: Celebration 26 March 

Celebration Assembly - March 15

With photos of the return to school and the fantastic entries to the Caught You Reading competition. You can view the slide show here: Celebration 12 March 

We're back again! - March 8

For the first time since December, the school was open to all children. With lots of excitement - and some nervousness - the children returned to their classes as the first step out of lockdown. The children soon settled back into their classes and seemed to relish being with friends again at break and lunch time.

There are more photos on the Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 pages

Celebration Assembly 5 March

We are pleased to say that this is the last Celebration Assembly during this current period of remote learning. You can see some last selections of lockdown learning in the slideshow below or click here to view the whole assembly (including awards): Celebration Assembly 5 March 2021

Celebration Assembly 26 February

After a week's break, children returned to remote learning and have produced some excellent work that can be seen in this assembly. There is also news of decisions by school council and of recent events. You can see highlights in the slideshow below or click here to view the whole assembly (including awards): Celebration Assembly 26 Feb 2021


End of Half-Term Celebration Assembly 12 February

It may have been a time of lockdown, but the children have completed lots of great learning remotely. In this assembly, there is great work from each year, as well as Golden Awards, TT Rock Star awards and the latest house points. You can see highlights in the slideshow below or click here to view the whole assembly (including awards): Celebration Assembly 12 Feb 2021

End of Term Celebration Assembly 18 December

With photo highlights of this half term, award winners and house championship updates here is the final celebration assembly of 2020:

Celebration Assembly 11 December

With photos of Christmas Jumper and Dinner Day - with Santa Dash - as well as other news and award winners.

You can view highlights from this week below or the full assembly online here: assembly link 11 December

Celebration Assembly 27 November

With photos of recent events and clubs, details of award winners and lots of images from our Sports Hall Athletics week.

You can view highlights from this week below or the full assembly online here: assembly link 27 November

Celebration Assembly 13 November

This includes photos of recent events and clubs and details of award winners.

You can view highlights from this week below or the full assembly online here: assembly link 13 November

Children in Need Day 2020

The children enjoyed raising money by having a non-uniform day - you can seem more images on our Fundraising page.

Celebration Friday 4! -  23 October, end of the half term

With memories of this half term and LOTS of award winners.

Celebration Friday 3! -  16 October

This week's slideshow celebrates our harvest assembly, sports equipment and work in classes. You can also see the latest Golden Award winners.

British Values – learning about Democracy

Over the year we will be learning more about British Values. The first of these is ‘democracy’. In an assembly we learned about democracy – ‘rule by the people’ -  and about voting for our representatives in a secret ballot. Some children in each year group acted out an election, with candidates for three different (colour) parties and a group of voters who cast their ballots in a booth and put their slips in a box. After the votes were counted the ‘winner’ was declared – for Years 3 and 5 it was Yellow and for Year 4 it was Green.

Our new head pupil team is appointed

After a selection process involving a letter of application and an interview, we have selected our new head pupil team. Many Year 6 children wrote a letter to Mr Hunt to explain why they would make a good Head Pupil. Mr Hunt and Mrs Quintana then selected the best candidates and interviewed thirteen boys and girls and these four pupils were chosen:

Head Girl: Kailani - Head Boy: Finlay - Deputy Head Boy: Lucas - Deputy Head Girl: Lucy

Congratulations to our new team for 2020-21!

Celebration Friday 2! -  2 October

this week's slideshow celebrates our non-uniform day and home baking competition in aid of Macmillan Support. There are also details of our new head girls and head boys as well as Golden Awards and other achievements.

Celebration Friday 1! -  18 September

To avoid children from different year group 'bubbles' mixing in assemblies, we are continuing with our slideshow format for Celebration Assemblies. In these assemblies we celebrate recent events in school and a range of awards. Here is the first one of the academic year with our first Golden Award winners.

We’re eating healthier!

Last year, we improved our school dinners so that they provide a healthy, balanced diet across the week. Our new caterers have cleverly reduced the fat and sugar content of menu items whilst increasing vegetable content and making them tastier! This term, with our new Healthy Eating policy, we have seen a big improvement to packed lunches too. Some have changed their lunches entirely and others have swapped some items for healthier alternatives. It has been great to see how packed lunches have improved – and to see how creative families have been in making them both healthy and tasty!

Back to school - at last! 

On 3 September, after nearly five months of enforced absence, the children returned to school in full classes. The attendance on the first day was an excellent 96% and the children got straight down to work. Somethings are different this year - staggered start and end times, separate break times, separate assemblies, lots of hand cleaning - but our vision, our values and our high expectations of the pupils remain the same. Teachers were pleased to see how quickly the children adapted to being back. The children were keen to start learning and to enjoy being with their friends again.

You can see more pictures of each class in the Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 pages

Events from last year 2019-20

Final Assembly

The strangest year has come to an end! There are still lots of wonderful things to look back on from this Someries year - and lots of awards too.

You can see the complete Final Assembly here and some of the highlights are below. (Other sections are on our awards page)

Final Celebration Assembly 10 July

This includes TT Rock Stars Top 10's for each year group as well as photos of Back-to-School Mornings, Taster Mornings and Home Sports Day.

Highlights from this week are below or you can see the full assembly online here: assembly link 10 July. (Next week is end-of-year-assembly)

Welcome to our new Year 3!

Today we met the first of our new Year 3 classes for September 2020. They appeared quite at ease in their new surroundings!

Back to School Mornings - Round 2 - 16 July 

The rest of Years 3, 4 and 5 returned today to enjoy lessons with their new teachers and they got to catch up with classmates they had not seen for quite a while!

New Year 6
New Year 5
New Year 4

Back to School Mornings - Round 1 - 9 July 

This week Year 3, 4 and 5 children are coming back into school for two mornings each to meet their teachers for next term and to get some experience of being back in school after so long in lockdown. The children are in small groups of less than 15 and arrive and leave at different times. The first groups were in today and, although they found things a bit different to usual, they seemed to enjoy the time back in school

New Year 6
New Year 5
New Year 4

World Book Day - Shelfies

For World Book Day, children celebrated their love of reading by sending in "Shelfies" - photos of them and their favourite books at home. These did not get posted on the website at the time as we were dealing with the pending school closure, but here they are in all their literary glory!

Maths Week - examples of children's work

The last week of last half term (18-22 May) was Maths Week. Mrs Barton provide a list of activities that children could do that involved using maths. She has prepared some slides from the photos that families sent in at the end of the week:

We're back! - 3 June

Well, some of us are! Today saw the beginning of our phased return to school for three groups Year 6 pupils and a group of critical workers' children. The school was made safe for the pupils and staff and things were not quite as normal. It took some time for the children to get used to new ways of working but they seemed to enjoy their morning and went home happy.

Year 6 got their leavers' hoodies and you can see more images of these on the Year 6 page

Science Week 2020 - March 9th to 13th

Monday - Mad Science Assembly

This morning's assembly was taken by Mad Scientist Radioactive Roxanne. She showed us how fireworks get their different colours from earth metals with examples that sparkled red, orange, gold, green and blue. She showed us how paper can burn in a flash if it is coated with the right chemical and as a finale, she reacted aluminium with sodium hydroxide to create hydrogen that she burned with a loud 'Pop!' over a candle.

You can see details of other Science Week events on the Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5 pages. (Year 6 had their Bridges workshop earlier in the year)

Mad Science Video

World Book Day 2020 - March 5th

World Book Day assembly

It was great to see the children in wonderful costumes for a wide variety of book characters. In the special assembly Miss Cresswell and Miss Xygaki read excerpts from their favourite Roald Dahl books, Fantastic Mr Fox and The BFG. A team of Year 6 children then beat the teacher team in a game of Book Taboo.

We had a number of children who dressed as Roald Dahl characters which fits in well with the activities they will do later:

Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory

A team of staff worked hard to transform our plain school hall into an amazing Roald Dahl reading experience. The hall was decorated as Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory and a Roald Dahl Reading Corner was created where each class had a turn listening to their teacher read. (There was lots of hand sanitiser in use around the sweet factory!)

'Open the book' assembly

A volunteer team from St Francis visited in our first assembly in March to deliver our first Open the Book  assembly. In these assemblies, the team act out a Bible story and ask the children to think about what this teaches us. Today they acted out the story of 'The Man with Money' (the parable of the talents) and encouraged the children to thinking about using their own talents and abilities to do good - which ties in with our pupils' aspiration to be the 'Best Versions' of themselves. Our thanks go to the team of visitors from St Francis.

New playground exercise equipment

Over the February half term we had new equipment installed on the playground to give the children more opportunity for active exercise during morning break and lunch times. A number of children had requested more equipment to use during the months when the field is too wet to use. So, funded by a £4,200 contribution from Co-op as one of their community partners and special sports grant funding, we have installed a play frame with 17 different active stations and an all-weather floor. This equipment is to help ensure the engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity (the Chief Medical Officer guidelines recommend that children engage in at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day, of which 30 mins should be in school).

The school council have also used £4,000 saved from their own fundraising events over the last two years to pay for an 8-station outdoor gym.

The new equipment was opened by the school councillors on a rather grey February morning but they were delighted by the new equipment!

Play Frame 7

Our new exercise play frame provides many different ways for pupils to develop their strength and agility and will allow many children to go on it at the same time.

Outdoor Gym

School council paid for this outdoor exercise equipment which provides ways to develop different muscles in the body.

Snowy Someries!

Today we arrived at school in the first snowfall of the year and our fields were blanketed in white. The snow soon turned into deep slush on the playground but children who had brought waterproof boots were able to go out and enjoy the remaining snow.

(If you would like your child to be able to enjoy the snow outside on future snow days then please send them into school in boots with their shoes (or trainers for PE) in a bag.)

New caterers for Someries Juniors

On February 24, our new caterers, Caterlink, began serving meals in our dining hall for the first time. In morning assembly, guest chef Adam introduced Caterlink's healthy eating philosophy and got the children thinking about the importance of fruit and vegetables in their diet. At lunchtime, the dining hall looked different with the addition of a new salad bar, a fresh yoghurt option and a hydration station. The children's feedback on the new food was very positive and we noticed a lot more clean plates! They were also excited to see an appearance from Joe-Joe Crow, Caterlink's own scarecrow mascot. Caterlink were keen to hear what children thought about the new menu and new layout and have already made some adjustments to make service faster and to improve the dining experience.

Tree planting on our school site

The children have been improving our outdoor environment. We are blessed with great fields for playing on and for sport but the fields and grass banks around school are a little bare. Last year, children and parents planted trees around the border of our field. Last term, children from Gardening Club and School Council worked together to plant crocus and daffodil bulbs around the site.

This term Mr Robinson and Mr Finch led a team of parent and carer helpers to plant a new set of small tree saplings that were donated to the school by Carbon Footprint Ltd. We look forward to seeing these trees grow and provide shade for children and a shelter for wildlife in the years to come.

Young Voices 2020 at Resorts World, Birmingham

On 21 January, twenty Someries singers journeyed to Birmingham to take part the amazing Young Voices event. They left school mid-morning to arrive in time to get into position at Resorts World - a venue that has seen the likes of Adele, Beyoncé and  Lady Gaga performing. They completed a three hour rehearsal with the Young Voices musicians and the other members of the 6,000 (!) strong choir.

In the evening they performed to a packed house of thousands and enjoyed the great moves of the Urban Strides dances. In between their own songs, the choir got to sing choruses for The Shires, Tony Hadley and The Voice 2018 winner, Ruti. The show was spectacular and the children thoroughly enjoyed being part of such a great event.

One singer, Olivia,  wrote this note in her journal on the way home: "We have just been to Young Voices in Birmingham 2020. It was a really fun day. It was really busy and they kept us really entertained. I would definitely go again. They were kind and helpful."

Video snippets

Disney's On My Way (from Brother Bear)

Larger Than Life

George Ezra's shot gun

Friends of Someries Junior School Raffle

The Friends of Someries Junior School is the newly-formed association for parents and carers of children at the school. In December, they held their first fundraising event - a raffle with super prizes from local businesses. There was also a raffle for a pair of Luton Town home tickets. The raffle draw and auction took place outside school on 17 December and raised £277 for the Friends. We are grateful to the hardworking volunteers who ran the event and to parents and carers for taking part in the raffle.

Christmas Dinner and Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day

December 11th was our Christmas Dinner day and we combined this with an option to join in with Save the Children's Christmas Jumper Day to help raise money while enjoying some festive fun. The children donated at total of £185 for the charity.

Meeting our new PCSOs

Two Police Community Support Officers for Stopsley and Wigmore, Charlotte and Darby, visited us today. Mr Finch gave them a tour of the school and introduced them to the children. Charlotte and Darby answered questions from children and joined in some lessons. We are looking forward to seeing them in school at future events.

Planting for the Spring! - Gardening Club

We are fortunate to have such large playing fields for use in dry weather. However, after the autumn leaves have fallen, the grounds can seem quite bare in the winter. Gardening Club members, along with the school council, hope that, thanks to their efforts, the grounds will look brighter next spring. Led by Mrs Whiting, they planted over a hundred daffodil bulbs at the edges of the playground in October, and we hope to see the bright yellow flowers appear next term.

October House Forum - House Jigsaw Displays

For our first house forum of this year, children worked with others in their house to produce a jigsaw for their house wall display. Each child – and adult - illustrated their own piece of the jigsaw, drawing things that represented their character, hobbies and interests. Years 3 and 6 worked together in their houses, as did Years 4 and 5, so some children experienced being in a class with their brother or sister.