Year 6

Class Teachers from September 2019 are:

Miss J. Hall/Miss V. Perini (6Pegasus), Mrs J. Bredenkamp/Miss M. Cresswell (6Andromeda) and Mrs A. Barton [three way split in the mornings]

Assistant Head - Upper Phase: Miss J. Hall


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Monday - Reading Comprehension

Tuesday - Grammar and Spellings   Click on this link for spellings during the period  October-December 2019

Friday - Maths

PE lessons: Mondays and Tuesdays

Word List for Years 5 and 6

Snappy Maths - mental maths programme to help raise your child's attainment

Year 6 Kingswood Trip

Each year we take our Year 6 children to an activity centre for a residential trip. The children really enjoy the activities but it is about so much more than having a fun time: it is also about becoming more independent, developing new skills and overcoming challenges.

This year's group have had a great time working on testing physical challenges, collaborating on team exercises and using their wits to complete problem solving tasks. They also had great fun on the water in (and out!) of their kayaks. They have approached the activities positively and have been good ambassadors of the school. Some of the activities have been very challenging and we have been proud to see the children overcome their fears to achieve their goals. We hope that they will be able to apply some of the lessons they have learned when they face other challenges in their school work and in their future lives.

We are very grateful to the hard-working, patient and encouraging staff who have supported the children on this trip: Mrs Barton (trip leader), Ms Hall, Mrs Bredenkamp, Mrs Cox and Mr Hunt - and to their families who allowed them to come! We would also like to thank Miss Duffy and Mrs Dudley for their organisation and support of the trip.

Day 4 High Ropes

Our trip ended on a high - literally! - with the high ropes challenge. The Year 6 children each set themselves an aim for how high they would climb. The instructors and other children gave them lots of encouragement and many went higher than they thought possible, even though it was quite nerve-wracking!

Day 4 Abseiling

If the high ropes tested the children's ability to climb up, abseiling set them a challenge for getting back down. They climbed to the top of the tower and had to bravely step out over the edge to descend, controlling the speed of descent with their ropes. Some found it too scary and walked back down - but we were proud to see how they summoned the courage to have another go and managed to conquer their fear, abseiling down with a big smile on their faces!

Day 3 Quick Zip

Four people at a time can fly down the new 'Quick Zip' lines at high speed. The children felt a little scared looking down the hill at the start but found it very exciting once they jumped off and started zooming through the air.

Day 3 Laser blasting

Our Kingswood venue has its own jungle-themed laser game centre. Armed with their blasters, Year 6 completed a number of games in the arena.

Day 3 Aeroball

Like a cross between basketball and trampolining, this new sport involves shooting a ball at a high target whilst bouncing. Four players can play all-against-all or in pairs.

Day 3 Buggy Building

From a pile of logs, barrels and ropes, teams of children had to design and construct a vehicle that was strong enough for them to ride in.

Day 3 Problem Solving

The Kingswood instructors presented the children with a range of problems to solve, requiring physical skill, teamwork and clever thinking.

Day 2 Campfire

We finished our first full day with songs around a bright campfire. When our instructor, Josh, found out we were from Luton like him, he arranged for some extra treats - steaming hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows.

Day 2 Archery

Each team had the chance to develop their archery skills. For some, this was their first attempt at using a bow and arrow, whilst others built on skills they had first learned on a Celtic trip from an earlier year.

Day 2 Low Ropes

After completing some 'trust exercises', children had to worked together to guide a team mate around all the low rope challenges. Whilst one person attempted the challenges, two others walked alongside to help them if they started to fall.

Day 2 Kayaking

As the sun shone on the lake at the Kingswood centre, the Year 6 children learned to control their kayaks. They played a number of games and attempted challenges such as standing up  in their kayak or getting as many people as possible on one kayak.  It seemed that what they enjoyed most was falling in!

Day 1 Scrapheap Fashion Challenge

For our first evening activity, the challenge was given to groups of children to design and then create a fashion item - out of nothing but cardboard and bin bags!

Day 1 Nightline

Our first activity was Nightline, where the children were blindfolded and had to follow a course. To do this successfully they needed to help one another, trusting the person in front of them and giving instructions to the person behind them.

Highlights from Year 5 in 2018-19

Sports Week: Climbing Wall

During sports week Year 6 children all tried the climbing wall to see how high they could get. Some made it to the top!

You can see more sports week photos on our sports page.

Sports Week: Dance

Here are some photos or our dance workout with Lauren from Next Generation Youth Theatre :