Year 6

Class Teachers from September 2019 are:

Miss J. Hall/Miss V. Perini (6Pegasus), Mrs J. Bredenkamp/Miss M. Cresswell (6Andromeda) and Mrs A. Barton [three way split in the mornings]

Assistant Head - Upper Phase: Miss J. Hall


 Click on this link - Year 6 Curriculum Newsletter - Autumn 2019

Click on this link - Year 6 Curriculum Plan 2018/19



Monday - Reading Comprehension |   Tuesday - Grammar and Spellings   | Friday - Maths

 P.E. lessons: Mondays and Tuesdays


Word List for Years 5 and 6

Snappy Maths - mental maths programme to help raise your child's attainment

Sports Week: Climbing Wall

During sports week Year 6 children all tried the climbing wall to see how high they could get. Some made it to the top!

You can see more sports week photos on our sports page.

Sports Week: Dance

Here are some photos or our dance workout with Lauren from Next Generation Youth Theatre :

Year 6 Kingswood Trip

Each year we take our Year 6 children to an activity centre for a residential trip. The children really enjoy the activities but it is about so much more than having a fun time.

Through the trip, the children develop more independence as they have to get themselves ready each day and ensure that they have the correct clothing and equipment with them. They also learn that they can do more than they think they can – instructors on activities such as the high ropes encourage the children to go higher and further than they previously thought possible. In other activities, children have to cooperate and work as a team to create a vehicle or to solve a problem. In low ropes, they learn to trust each other when completing difficult challenges. Perhaps the biggest challenge was the weather! The children managed to persevere in very wet conditions.

So that the children could apply the benefits of the trip – greater independence, trust, teamwork and confidence – to their challenging year at school, we went earlier than usual in the year. We look forward to seeing the greater impact this will have on the year group over the course of their time in Year 6. A big ‘thank you’ to trip leader Mrs Barton and her team for making the trip possible.

High Ropes

The high ropes were a real challenge! The Year 6 each set themselves an aim for how high they would climb. The instructors and other children gave them lots of encouragement and many went higher than they thought possible, even though it was quite nerve-wracking!

Low Ropes

Without safety harnesses, children had to trust their friends to keep them safe as they tried all the low rope challenges. Whilst one person attempted the challenges, two others walked alongside to help them if they started to fall.


For nightline, the children were blindfolded and had to follow a course. To do this successfully they needed to help one another, trusting the person in front of them and giving instructions to the person behind them.


On the lake at the Kingswood centre, the Year 6 children paddled their kayaks. They attempted challenges such as standing up (or even performing a headstand!) in their kayak and played a number of games. They also endured the wet and cold pond water and learned to keep going even when it was tough – tolerating the cold and discomfort to keep on playing!

Buggy Building and the Scrapheap Challenge

These two activities required plenty of teamwork. To create a buggy big enough to carry people using some very basic pieces of equipment, it required children to listen well to instructors’ advice, cooperate on planning their vehicle and work as a team to put the buggy together.

For the Scrapheap Challenge, groups worked to create a structure that would protect a water balloon when dropped from a very great height.