Year 5

Class Teachers from September 2019 are:

Mr. S. Prue (5Hercules) and Mrs L. Prasad [5Perseus]

Upper Phase Assistant Head: Miss J. Hall


Click on this link - Year 5 Curriculum Newsletter - Summer 2019

Click on this link - Year 5 Curriculum 2018/19


Word List for Years 5 and 6 (New English Primary Curriculum 2014) 

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Homework is set on Fridays and due in the following Friday. This will alternate between a Maths and English task each week.

Spellings set on Mondays and tested the following Monday.

Reading books should be taken home and returned to school daily and read as often as possible. Please sign Home School contact books at least three times weekly.

PE days:  5 Hercules - Thursdays and Fridays;       5 Perseus - Tuesdays and Fridays 

Highlights from Year 5 in 2018-19

Sports Week: Climbing Wall

During sports week Year 3 children all tried the climbing wall to see how high they could get. Some made it to the top!

You can see more sports week photos on our sports page.

Sports Week: Dance

Here are some photos or our dance workout with Lauren from Next Generation Youth Theatre :

5 Hercules Class Assembly

5H really showed us their talents in their class assembly, giving us a taste of their learning from a range of subjects. Lexxie demonstrated a PE warm up and taught us the difference between isometric and isotonic exercises. Then two groups performed two very different gym and dance routines to the same tune.

A group of children read some excerpts of the balanced arguments that they had written. Others acted out some adventures from the lives of Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter who were famous archaeologists and Egyptologists.

There was a great deal of musical talent on show, with Amelie and Eve performing solo pieces and a duet on the violin and with a guitar group performing a tune together.

Luke compered the assembly, introducing each item. Mr Osborne said that he was impressed with how keen the children were to perform. The class concluded the assembly by singing Bruno Mars’ Count on Me.

Year 5 guitar performance

Last year, the children performed on their ukulele’s for parents and carers. This year they showed how far they had progressed with their music by performing a number of tunes on the guitar- this time with no music to help them. They had learned the music off by heart and it was great to see the concentration on the young musicians’ faces as they remembered the complexing finger-placing for the different numbers that they played.

Sasha got swept up the chimney

On Monday 17 December, Year 5 wowed us with their performance of ‘Sasha got swept up the chimney’ where we found out what happened to Sasha and her orphan friends when they flew to the North Pole. There was a bit of everything: great dialogue, wonderful songs, funny jokes and… a rather lost group of penguins! At one point the audience got to enjoy the children singing to them from all sides of the hall. Our thanks and congratulations go to the Year 5 team of Mr Llewelyn, Mr Osborne, Mrs Phelps, Mrs Bloxham and Mrs Duffy who put such a lot of work into the show as well as all the children who rehearsed so hard and played their parts so well.

Year 5 Visit to Luton Hindu Mandir 1 November

In RE Week this term, Year 5 produced some thoughtful work about Hinduism. Following their visit to the Mandir, they were able to describe some of the Hindu gods and some of the ways a Hindu person worships.

This is Olivia’s recount of the trip to the Mandir:

Thursday 1st November 2018

Today was our school trip. We arrived in school at the normal time. We had Maths and then went to the toilet. Then we got on the coach at 10:00 to go to the Mandir. It didn’t take long because it wasn’t that far away.

When we got there, we had to take our shoes off and put them in cubbyholes before going into the proper part of the Mandir. We went in and sat down to listen to them singing. We didn’t know if it was religious but it sounded like it. The priest, who was there, arrived on the Sunday before and we were the first year group he saw. While they were singing the priest got up and got something which had a wooden handle and something on the end which looked like feathers. He walked past the statues of gods one after the other, stopping at them and waving the feather thing in front of them.

The priest is called a pundit and all of the statues and pictures of gods are called murti. Once they had finished singing, they did a prayer. Then the man was telling us where the gods were displayed and told us who they were.

Sita, Rama and Lakshmana were all displayed together. The mother goddess, who is called Deyi, was displayed to the left of them and Harcuman, the monkey god was displayed in front of Rama, Sita and Lakshmana because they were all from the same story. To the back of the display, Parrati and Shiva were displayed over to the right. They were from a different story. Ganesh the elephant god had his own plinth. They washed the gods, fed the gods and put them to bed because they believe they can eat and sleep. The mother goddess was sat on a tiger and they were all holding lotus flowers, which are a symbol of love.

The gods were made of marble which I thought would cost quite a lot. Then when Hindus came in, they rang the bells which were on either side and left an offering of money for the gods. There were bowls in front of the gods which the Hindus put gifts in for them. When the man finished talking, he asked if there were any questions and there were quite a lot. Once we had finished asking questions, group by group we went to put our shoes back on. The coach then arrived and the man who was talking to us got a big plate of biscuits and gave us and the teachers a biscuit and then we set off home on the coach. When we got back, it was just a normal day because we were only there for an hour.      

Here are some highlights from Year 5  in 2017-18

Year 5 trip to RAF Hendon

On 12 June Year 5 headed off with their teachers to the museum at RAF Hendon. Many of them were dressed as children from the 1940s, the time of World War Two. As well as viewing the large collection of warplanes and learning about aviation, the children got to experience what is was like to be in a 1940s classroom – with messy ink pens and bossy teachers!

Year 5 Booster Lessons

No sooner had Year 6 finished their SATs, than Year 5 began their SATs preparation with morning booster lessons. A select group of children have been attending extra lessons before school, Reading on Tuesdays and Maths on Thursday. Mrs Buckley and Mr Hunt have been impressed with their enthusiasm!

5 Perseus Class Assembly

5 Hercules Class Assembly

Year 5 Christmas Play