Year 3

Class Teachers: Mrs P Fisher/Mrs K. Ball (3Draco) and Miss T Xygaki (3Lyra)

Year Group Leader: Mrs P Fisher


Information about what the children will be learning - please click on link below:

 - Year 3 Curriculum Plan 2021/22

 - Timetables: 3 Draco      3 Lyra

- Year 3 Curriculum Newsletter - Spring 2022

Homework is set on Tuesdays and due in the following Monday. This will alternate between a Maths and Literacy task. Please encourage your child to also spend time doing Times Tables Rock Stars and Spelling City at least once at home each week. Their login details are in their Home Contact books.

Spellings set on Mondays - to be learnt by the following Monday.  Click here for this term's spellings:   Spellings Jan-Feb 2022   

Click on this link to view: Spelling Shed League Table

Reading books should be taken home and returned to school daily and read as often as possible. Please sign Home School contact books at least three times weekly.  Ask them questions about what they have read to help them prepare for their quiz. This will be done to check their understanding of the book.

PE Days (They will need to wear PE Kit all day on these days)

   3 Lyra: Tuesday & Wednesday

   3 Draco: Wednesday  & Friday

Multiplying and dividing video for parents and carers 

This short Maths Workshop video for parents and carers explains the methods used to teach times and divide.


There are some information sheets to accompany the video:

If you have any further questions, please get in contact with your child's teacher.

For more information, ask us for details of free online Family Learning courses available from Luton Adult Learning or visit: 

Adding and subtracting video for parents and carers 

This short Maths Workshop video for parents and carers explains the methods used to teach addition and subtraction.

We hope parents and carers find it useful as a summary of some of the strategies used in school and that it provides you with ideas for supporting your children with adding and subtracting.

 There are some information sheets attached to accompany the video. These are

Highlights from Year 3  in 2020-21

Back at school after lockdown - March 8

Macmillan Cancer Support Non-Uniform Day, September 2020

Year 3 children enjoyed playing their part in raising £265 for Macmillan Cancer Support with a non-uniform day.

Our First Day at Someries Juniors

Year 3 children enjoyed their first morning at junior school on September 3. This was their first week back at school since lockdown began on March 20, but they made a great start and impressed their new teachers with their concentration and enthusiasm.”

Highlights from Year 3  in 2019-20

Slimy Science!

During Science Week, Year 3 classes were visited by Mad Scientists for a science workshop. They put various chemicals together to make some wonderful slime!

Year 3 Aeroplane making with parents

During Science Week, on Wednesday 11 March, many parents, carers and relatives joined the Year 3 children for a morning of aeroplane making. Adults and children combined in teams to plan and make an aeroplane. The challenge was to design and create the plane that would fly the furthest - and look great too! We were very pleased to see over 30 family members join Draco and Lyra classes for this event and both adults and children enjoyed the morning.


First the teams had to plan their designs on paper to help them think through their ideas.


Having designed their aeroplanes, the teams had a limited amount of time to create their aircraft design from the materials available to the..

The finished aeroplanes

The teams were quiet happy to show off their completed aircraft, proud of what they had achieved together in such a short time.


Now the moment, of truth: would the planes fly? - and if so, how far? In the spring sunshine, the children launched their aeroplanes into the air to see whose went furthest.

Draco class enjoy their 'Marbles Treat'

As well as individual rewards (house points, golden awards, golden book, values awards...) we operate a reward system for whole classes called "Marbles in a Jar". If the whole class does something particularly good a member of staff will add a marble to that class's jar. Once the children in a class have achieved 15 marbles in their jar then they earn a reward and choose a fun activity to enjoy as a group. For 3 Draco, they achieved their reward in March and opted for a movie afternoon - complete with pop corn. The movie they chose was The Lego Movie.

3 Draco enjoy World Book Day

Visit to St Francis Church

To help them with their RE work on Understanding Christianity, Year 3 classes visited St Francis Church. There, the vicar and curate explained various parts of the church and talked about Christian worship. They asked the children questions and then the children asked their own questions about what they saw in the church and about what Christians believe. Their questions showed that they had remembered much from their lessons about baptism, Easter and Palm Sunday.

Learning about other cultures during International Week

During February's International Week, the children learned about some of the diverse backgrounds of their classmates. Each class learned about a different country in lessons and they learned from each other through the cultural artefacts that they brought in to show to the class and the food that they shared together.

Lyra class assembly - 5 February 

3 Lyra chose the theme of Stone Age for their first class assembly in junior school. They told us about life in the Paleolithic era and a group of girls performed a Stone Age Dance that they had devised. The assembly ended with a rousing rendition of “We will rock you”, complete with Alfie’s amazing drum solo.

Draco assembly - 29 January

In the first class assembly of 2020, the children of 3 Draco gave a great performance and a wonderful demonstration of what they have been learning. They began by showing us how they can count to twenty in French together, with Phoenix and Riley demonstrating some greetings in French. They read out some writing inspired by The BFG and some weather poems that they had written. Henry, Charlie and Ava acted as fossil hunters to show us what they have learned about studying prehistoric creatures and Libby and Phoenix performed a street dance that they had devised.  They sang beautifully a song that they had learned by heart and Lennon gave a wonderful recital of a piece he had learned on his cello – after only three lessons!

"It's a party" Year 3 Nativity Play

Year 3 children performed their first play at junior school on 9th December. They performed "It's a party" twice - once to the junior children and the Year 2 children from Someries Infant School, and once to their families. Both performances went well with the children speaking clearly, acting with enthusiasm and singing loudly. The audience enjoyed watching the country-dancing shepherds and the cool Bethlehem star amongst other things. 

Year 3 Reading Morning

November 13th saw our hall packed with Year 3 children and many parents and carers who had come to join them for a reading morning. Together, they read excerpts from their favourite books before getting creative and designing new covers for their chosen books. The children really enjoyed reading together with the visiting adults.

Science Friction

In Year 3 Science classes, children tried to find out which surfaces allowed cars to travel the fastest. They experimented with different types of surface, such as wood and carpet, and with holding the surfaces at different angles.

Our first day at Junior School - 4 September 2019

We were joined by 60 new pupils in Year 3 in September. Most of these moved up to us from Someries Infant School, but a number of others joined us from other schools nearby. Our Year 3 children made a very positive start to their time at junior school. Their teachers were impressed by their positive attitudes.

Some of them sent notes to Mr Hunt to let him know how they got on in their first week:

I enjoyed the lessons. My teacher Miss Xygaki was nice because on the first day she gave us fun activities to do. I even met a new friend. Her name was Mansirat. I had a good time in the playground.  Maora

Dear Mr Hunt,  So far we are making a great effort and I hope in the future we will make more good things work, from Jack

My first week at junior school was great. We have written our names on our books and have received our reading diary. I enjoyed going to the library reading books and listening to the music on the playground. Phoenix

My first three days at the juniors!

When I met Mrs Fisher I learnt a lot of literacy and maths. Also on transition day I saw my brother playing football. After that it was lunch and we had chicken and rice, jelly and a cucumber. In the afternoon we did PE and reading. After that, I went home and told my mum what I did today. The next day I went to school I got five house points for being kind. And the next day I went to school I got my reading book. As well as that I got a new water bottle and a pen licence. That is the end of my story!     Ava

In our new classrooms

Keeping active

Enjoying time with our friends

Enjoying our lunch

New Beginnings – Summer Activity Days

Six weeks can be a very long time between lessons and over the summer, children can lose some of the progress they have made – especially if they are not practising using their reading, writing and maths skills. So to help the new Year 3 children get ready for the school year, some of them came into Someries Juniors at the end of the holidays for a pilot scheme of our Summer Activity Days. The children worked with Miss Cresswell on some fun activities that got them using their core skills and they joined in with some outdoor activities with Mr Giokabari. The children all took part very enthusiastically and enjoyed themselves. We hope that it prepared them for the new school year and helped them feel confident in their new environment.


Highlights from Year 3  in 2018-19

Sports Week: Climbing Wall

During sports week Year 3 children all tried the climbing wall to see how high they could get. Some made it to the top!

You can see more sports week photos on our sports page.

Sports Week: Dance

Here are some photos or our dance workout with Lauren from Next Generation Youth Theatre :

3L – Combining Science and PE

In PE, 3 Lyra children completed an assault course in which they had to collect bones. Each team then had to arrange the bones correctly to make a skeleton. Next, they ran to collect the words (both scientific and every day names) and use these to label the skeleton correctly.

RE Week - Festivals

This term’s RE Week was an opportunity for all pupils to explore different beliefs and think about some of life’s big questions.

Year 3 thought about the deeper meanings of festivals and produced some good comparisons between Eid-ul-Fitr and Christmas. They created dances and paintings under the theme of ‘Joy’ and they particularly enjoyed making Christingles and creating their own mehndi patterns on hands.

In July Year 3 put on a performance of their musical skills.  They showed us just how far they had progressed by giving a superb performance.  They were confident and entertained the parents/carers who came to watch them.  The children demonstrated how hard they have worked in their singing and music lessons.