Sports Activities

Latest Sports Games Award

In July, we were pleased to receive again the gold award for our participation in sports and our promotion of health and active lifestyles.

School Games Pillars

In order to ensure that Bedfordshire & Luton School Games is supporting every young person, five event types have been formulated to ensure opportunities for all:

PLAY: These events are non-competitive, with the focus on participation and fun and targeting students who lack confidence but want to participate because they understand the benefits of physical activity.

DEVELOP: These events are for students who like friendly competition, but do not solely focus on winning.
The emphasis will be on creating a positive and enjoyable experience.

COMPETE: These events will target young people who are competitive, who are involved in sports in and outside of school. Participation in these events may see the winners progress to county finals and beyond.

LEARN: These are events for young people who have not taken part in the School Games before and may not actively participate in sport and physical activity in or out of school. These events may also include elements of CPD for staff.

LEAD: These events are designed to provide opportunities for young people to develop and enhance their knowledge, understanding and application of leadership skills.

School Games Pillars: click here for poster

New sports club - Table Tennis Club

In their survey, children asked for more sports clubs, so in September 2022 we added a morning table tennis club. 

Table tennis club players